a CPA in Glendale

What to do When You Want a CPA in Glendale

Having a business today is much more than just things like operating a website, using social media, offering excellent customer service, or providing high-quality goods and services. Sure, all those aspects will help your business to succeed on one level, but you also have financial responsibilities to your employees (if you have any), yourself, and to the state and the federal government. To make sure your business succeeds and stays successful, you need to keep impeccable and accurate financial records. Many companies have fallen by the wayside after just a short time because they failed to keep their records straight, pay the proper taxes, and practice good business management. To make the most of your business, getting the help of a CPA in Glendale can be the answer for you, and knowing what to look for in a quality firm is a crucial first step.

a CPA in Glendale

Talk to Other Businesses about a CPA

You will find that there are hundreds of options that come up if you perform an Internet search regarding CPAs in Southern California. You probably did not even realize there were so many firms out there today offering accounting services and business management, and narrowing down your search so it does not take you weeks to find a solution can be a chore. You may want to start by asking local businesses in your area who they may use for accounting assistance and back office management. Companies that are happy with the services they get will be glad to refer you to someone that they rely on and trust.

Make Sure to Get a CPA

When you are seeking a CPA in Glendale, it is vital to ensure that you hire a CPA. Many accounting firms may promise that they can do an excellent job with your finances, but they may not have an actual CPA on staff. CPAs must go through a stringent licensing process, and there are many requirements that must be met to attain that title. When interviewing firms, there is nothing wrong with asking to see credentials, ask how long they have been operating, or ask for references. Anyone reluctant to do any of these things for you may not be someone you want to get involved with where your finances are concerned. In the end, you are responsible for what goes on your tax returns, and any mistakes will come back to haunt you.

A CPA You Can Trust

At Abedian and Totlian, we can offer you the services of an expert CPA in Glendale that can assist you with many aspects of your company. We are business management experts and can assist with everything from tax preparation to accounting management to payroll to business planning and more. Our team features several CPAs that will help provide you with the peace of mind you need, so you know your business finances are in good hands. Call us at (818) 600-6306, and you can schedule a free consultation with us and discuss our CPA services and what they can do for your company.