What our Burbank CPA Firm can do for you

Our Burbank CPA firm can help your business in a lot of ways. One of the most important ways it can help is hidden right in that first sentence: the word “firm.” When you hire Abedian + Totlian, you get an entire firm. That means not just one person, or not just a couple, but an entire firm of professionals. So, instead of hiring just an accountant to work with your company, or a business manager to assist, you’re getting all of that in one, neat package.

Consulting with a Burbank CPA Firm

If you go to our site, you’ll notice that there are different packages you can sign up for with our company, each with different accompanying services. However, you’ll notice one thing that all of the packages have: unlimited consultation. You can consult with us when you want. Again, the word is “unlimited.” It’s not “consulting occasionally,” and it’s not “consulting from time to time.”No, the word is “unlimited consultation.” We say that we’re your business partner, and we mean it. You can decide when to call us into the office (metaphorically) and talk.

Burbank CPA Firm

Check under the Hood of Your Business

Hopefully, you’ve never had a problem with your car where you’re driving and everything seems fine, and then suddenly the car stops running or operating properly. When you take it to a mechanic or vehicular professional, they open the hood and then immediately diagnose the problem. We regularly perform that same service for our clients. However, we’re often able to head off the problem before it becomes a catastrophe. That’s why we have business status sessions so that you can know the ins and outs of what’s working for your business and what isn’t.

Tax Return Prep

Getting your business’s tax return together isn’t something that business owners exactly look forward to. That’s why we provide business income tax return preparation services for our clients. We can go over your income, figure how to get you the minimal amount of tax liability, and then go from there. Instead of having to bring in some outside person that you’ll talk to a couple times a year, you can use us, the same place you’re also using for your bookkeeping, businesses status sessions and more. Our team can assist your team every step of the way.

Payroll, Bookkeeping, Reconciliation, and More

Small to midsize businesses need great payroll and bookkeeping services, but it can be so hard to find. It’s also the kind of service you need “right now,” as opposed to waiting for you to go through several candidates you may have found online. We have several different packages that provide payroll, bookkeeping, even bank and credit card reconciliations. While we’re running all of this, you can go off and run your business. It’s one more way that we can help.  Give your small to midsize business the best chance to grow by reaching out to us at (818) 600-6306.