Legal CPA in Glendale

Ways a Law Firm CPA in Glendale Can Make a Difference to Your Practice

You take great care to cultivate clients for your law practice and have worked diligently to help the practice grow successfully. Now that you take great care to do all these things, you also want to focus attention on the business of the practice to make sure it is staying viable and is run correctly. You pay as close attention as you can to the inner workings of your practice, but with all you have on your plate and the small staff you have, you might be better served by getting some expert help. Hiring a legal CPA in Glendale like you will find with us at Abedian and Totlian can make a significant difference to your practice in several ways.

Analyze Your Cash Flow

The cash flow to your practice is of vital importance to you. You need to know that you have cash on hand to pay your staff and your bills, but a law practice also needs cash available to perform many other duties, depending on the types of cases you take. When you have an accounting firm working with you like ours at Abedian and Totlian, we can help analyze the cash flow of your practice, find areas of strength and weakness, and make financial recommendations to you that can help to improve cash flow. We will conduct regular meetings with you to keep you abreast of your financial statements and business.

Legal CPA in Glendale

Reviewing Taxes for You

A legal CPA in Glendale can be an important asset to you when it comes to your taxes. You always want to make sure that your taxes are filed properly and that all your finances are tracked appropriately for the business, so you do not run into issues when it comes to tax time each year. At Abedian and Totlian, we are experts in tax strategy and preparation and can take the burden off you where taxes are concerned so you can concentrate more on what you do best for your practice.

Discuss Your Options with Us

The best way for you to learn more about how a legal CPA in Glendale can make a difference to your practice is to arrange a meeting with us here at Abedian and Totlian. Contact our office at 818-243-3455 so we can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and go over the options.  We’ll see how we can help you with our services and see how we can be a vital member of your team.