Virtual accounting in Glendale

Real Numbers with Virtual Accounting in Glendale

“Virtual accounting” is one of those phrases that doesn’t always have the best connotation. While we’re quite proud of the virtual accounting in Glendale services that we offer, some people hear “virtual accounting” and immediately get the wrong idea. This isn’t “virtual accounting” in the sense of some computer-visage, video-game accountant that gives you information. Rather, our virtual accounting is our entire team of professionals, all working for you.

Our Virtual Accounting in Glendale

All that “virtual” means in this context is “not in your place of business.” Our services are quite real. Each of our accountants and CPAs are genuine, flesh and blood human beings, each with the requisite training and experience to help your business. The word “virtual” just means that they aren’t down the hall from you in your office; rather, they’re just a phone call, email or other means of communication away.

Virtual accounting in Glendale

Benefits of Virtual Accounting

Instead of having to find room in your place of business for one more desk (to say nothing of parking, benefits and the like) you can have an entire team of pro CPAs working for you just by hiring us. Moreover, our CPAs will always tell it to you straight. As we don’t work under the same roof as you, it’s always in our best interest (and consequently, yours) to let you know exactly how everything is going. The benefits of virtual accounting far outweigh the benefits to having an accountant on staff.

Virtual, but Easy to Reach

At Abedian + Totlian, we have different packages that available so you can find the perfect fit for your business. If you look at them carefully, you’ll notice that each of them include “unlimited consultations.” We strongly believe in the idea that, as your virtual accountants, we are truly your virtual accountants. That means that whenever you want to talk something over, or want something discussed in greater detail, we’re here to do it with you. Whenever you want to talk about something, we’re here to assist.

More than Just Virtual Accounting

We can do quite a bit more than just provide accounting virtually – we can provide many other services virtually as well. That means that we can help to plan your taxes, go over how your business is doing, reconcile your bank and credit cards, process your payroll and even do your bookkeeping… all while never really stepping foot inside your office. Virtual accounting is unobtrusive but comprehensive.

It All Starts with a Consultation

We understand that all of this talk of virtual consulting can be a lot to wrap your head around. That’s why we’re always glad to sit down with prospective clients and go over how this can work for your business. When you reach out to us for a free consultation, we’ll show you some of the services we can provide, as well as how they’ll be tailored specifically to your company. Every company is different, so our services differ as well. To start the process, just give us a call here at (818) 600-6306.