Law Firm Accountant in Los Angeles

Law Firm Accountant in Los Angeles: Freedom to do Your Job

Here at Abedian + Totlian, we have many different clients in a variety of industries. However, we have several years of experience working with law firms. Our CPA firm has helped law firms to grow and thrive, by taking care of all of the back office management services that would eat into their time. However, those basic accounting services are just the beginning of what we can offer your law firm. As your law firm accountant in Los Angeles, we have a variety of services.

Law Firm Accountant in Los Angeles

Law Firm Accountant in Los Angeles

Every industry has its own accounting practices, but law firms are something else entirely. It’s a different kind of accounting and utterly unique. Law firms know that they need to have someone they trust, someone with experience. Someone who knows how to accurately as well as ethically maintain trust accounting, in addition to several other services. Staying state bar complaint is critically important, as is being in compliance with so many other boards, agencies and more. Abedian + Totlian knows what it takes to maintain compliance, so we can help your law firm to function as it should.

Tax Services, Too

The tax liability of a law firm, if not reduced properly, can balloon up. It can hurt your law firm’s bottom line, eating into far too much of your money. That doesn’t happen when you hire Abedian + Totlian. Our tax experts make sure that your tax liability is as reduced as possible so that you can take home more of your money. That same spirit extends to all of your 1099 as well. Instead of letting them overwhelm you, we can make sure that they’re reported without any stress. We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you won’t have to spend as much on your taxes.

Letting Your Law Firm Focus on the Law

There’s never really a “lull” at a law firm. There’s always something going on, something that has to be done right now for the client. That can make it difficult to get all of the administrative tasks done that have to be done. When we say “administrative tasks” we don’t mean “answering the phones,” rather we mean the bookkeeping, the accounting, payroll and check writing. Those are just more services that we can offer you. By taking all of those off of your shoulders, you’ll be freed up to focus even more time and effort on your clients.

Not Just for Law Firms

In this blog, we focused on what we can do for law firms. However, we have many clients that aren’t law firms. No matter what industry you’re in, here at Abedian + Totlian, we can give you more time to run your business as you see fit. Practically every company could benefit from an outsourced and highly qualified CPA firm. To find out how we can help you to grow your business, call us at (818) 600-6306.