Virtual Accounting in Glendale

Have You Considered Virtual Accounting in Glendale?

Your business continues to grow, and what started out as a small operation from your home with just you as an employee has blossomed to an office location with several employees doing work with you now. With your company growing like this, there are going to be more profits, expenses, vendors, contractors, payroll duties, investments to make, and other financial responsibilities. You may not have the time to take care of these responsibilities yourself and have considered forming an in-house accounting department to do it for you. Before you make the investment in staff, software, training, equipment, and more, you may want to consider what virtual accounting in Glendale with us at Abedian and Totlian has to offer you.

Virtual Accounting in Glendale

A Virtual Accounting Staff

When you hire us, you get a virtual accounting staff dedicated to helping your business. We are CPAs and experienced accountants that will assist in managing your business and finances. We take the burden from you and can provide you with accounting services without ever stepping foot in your office or having a desk at your place. We can establish a virtual system with you using the latest software and technology so that we can access the essential financial information, keep track of records, perform accounting duties and more, and share it with your system so that you get the daily reports and information you need to see how the business is performing. Our staff gives you the expertise you need and frees you and your staff up so that you can focus on the aspects of the jobs that make your business profitable.

Safe and Secure Accounting

Working with us at Abedian and Totlian gives you the virtual accounting in Glendale that you want, and allows you to have worry-free accounting done for your company. You will know that your data and information is trusted, safe, and secure. We use the latest security methods to make sure you are protected, including the use of proper back-up procedures so that your data is protected in the event of an unforeseen emergency event. We give you the peace of mind that you need so you always have accurate information and you do not have to worry about potential incidences of things like fraud or theft.

See Our Virtual Accounting Packages

If you think that virtual accounting in Glendale is the best solution for your company, reach out to us here at Abedian and Totlian so we can discuss the possibilities with you. We offer several packages designed to fit the needs of small and medium-sized companies so that you can get the accounting assistance you need that is best suited to your budget. You can contact us via email at, by using the contact form that you find on our website, or by dialing (818) 600-6306. We can answer any questions you may have about virtual accounting and set up a consultation for you at no charge so we can go over the specific needs of your business and what we can do for you.