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Interested in seeing if your business could qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit? Check out our ERC brochure and fill out the webform below so we can evaluate if your business is a good candidate for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. One of our representatives will reach out to you to discuss the credit and gather more information.

 ERC Brochure

The COVID 19 pandemic negatively affected millions of business's and employers. The ERTC program gives the financial relief so many business owners are hoping for. We pride ourselves on being the experts in this sometimes confusing process. We will  check if your business is qualified, maximize the potential credit all while offering representation if you need it.


Use the download button below to download a copy of our brochure to find out more. 

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Interested in the ERC for your business? 
Fill out the webform in this section so we can begin to evaluate your business
Were you required to temporarily modify/restrict your operations in any way?
Supply chain delays, remote/telework (working from home), doing more online meetings, indoor capacity restrictions, social distancing for employees and/or customers, staggered work schedules, etc.

Thanks for submitting!
Please allow us 24 - 72 hours to contact you back

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ERC Info Sheet

Once our representative has reached out to you the next step is filling out our ERC Info Sheet. Please use the link below. The ERC Info Sheet will allow our processors to research how eligible your business is for the Employee Retention Credit as well as help us maximize the credit on your behalf, if eligible.

The link below will open a new browser tab, please click the download icon         , on the top right of the page to download and fill out the form. Please do not fill out the form in the browser.
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Already spoke to our representative and filled out the ERC Info Sheet? Click the link below to upload the PDF to our secured server.


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