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Interested in seeing if your business could qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit? Check out our pamphlet in PDF format and if you think your business is a good candidate fill out our ERC Inquiry Info Sheet.

 ERC Pamphlet

The COVID 19 pandemic negatively affected millions of business's and employers. The ERTC program gives the financial relief so many business owners are hoping for. We pride ourselves on being the experts in this sometimes confusing process. We will  check if your business is qualified, maximize the potential credit all while offering representation if you need it.


Use the download button below to download a copy of our pamphlet to find out more, but don't hesitate to call us so we can answer any questions you may have.

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Confident Business People

ERC Inquiry Info Sheets

Interested in seeing if your business can qualify for the Employee Retention Credit? Use the link below to fill out both info sheets, then use the Contact Us section below to contact us. We will request that you email the filled in inquiry sheets. Feel like calling? No problem, complete the info sheets and when calling us let us know you have completed the two forms and we will request you to email them to our office.


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