Virtual accounting in Glendale

Real Numbers with Virtual Accounting in Glendale

“Virtual accounting” is one of those phrases that doesn’t always have the best connotation. While we’re quite proud of the virtual accounting in Glendale services that we offer, some people hear “virtual accounting” and immediately get the wrong idea. This isn’t “virtual accounting” in the sense of some computer-visage, video-game accountant that gives you information….

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Avoid IRS Audit “Red Flags”

Undergoing the scrutiny of an IRS audit is liable to put any taxpayer on edge. While it may seem like the IRS randomly hands out audit notices like candy to unlucky victims, there are some best practices you can put in place in order to avoid inadvertently putting up any red flags. There are several…

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Cash Flow

Boost Your Business’ Cash Flow

Ways to Speed Up Your Cash Flow One of the biggest challenges for businesses is managing cash flow. There never seems to be enough cash to meet all of the obligations, so it makes sense to speed up cash flow when you can. Here are some tips you can use to get your cash faster…

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Scam Alert! No, It’s Not The IRS Calling.

Identity Theft and the IRS Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal information without your permission. While this can include credit cards, banking information, and passwords, it’s your Social Security number that’s the biggest IRS-related identity theft problem.  An estimated 4 to 5 million taxpayers are currently affected by identity theft with the IRS….

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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters and Taxes

The frequency of natural disasters seems to be increasing year to year, leaving more and more people with devastating personal and business losses.  While some may say that tax season in and of itself should be classified as a “federally declared disaster,” the phrase holds more weight this upcoming year as thousands of families have…

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2018 Tax Season

Are the Clouds Clearing Over the 2018 Tax Season?

With the partial government shutdown last month and the possibility of another shutdown looming, there has been a lot of talk about the IRS and filing taxes for 2018.  Regardless if lawmakers pass a budget in the coming weeks and keep the government open or not, tax laws remain in effect and deadlines stay the…

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